Road transportation

Cargo variety - transportation of a wide variety cargo types, including raw materials, equipment, consumer goods, construction materials and many other things.

Fast delivery over short distances – cars are more efficient than any other transport for short distances.

Flexible schedule – возможность осуществлять постановку автотранспортного средства точно ко времени.

Easy of cargo execution and control - easier and more available than other types of transport, which allows you to dispatch cargo in the shortest terms.

Road cargo transportation is widely used in modern logistics. The popularity is explained by its cost-effectiveness, flexibility and the ability to deliver goods directly to their destination, bypassing intermediate points.

Alista Trans offers you services of both domestic and international transportation:

  • As part of consolidated load.

  • A separate truck, as well as using two drivers (for urgent cargo).

  • Container transportation, including in a refrigerator.

  • Transportation of dangerous goods.

Knowledge, experience and a wide network of reliable partners allow Alista Trans to provide its clients with the best balance of time, price and transportation safety.