Multimodal Transportation

Flexibility and adaptability - combination of different transport modes allows you to adapt logistics schemes to specific conditions and customer needs.

Reduced delivery time - best delivery time due to the fastest modes of transport at each stage of the route.

Reduced storage costs – an efficient organization can reduce the costs of storing goods.

Monitoring and tracking - tracking and monitoring technologies provide updated visibility of cargo’s movement at all stages of transportation.

Quite often, multimodal transportation is the only way to transport goods from point A to point B. Alista Trans has extensive expert experience in organizing of complex logistics for the transportation of goods by various modes of transport, such as sea, air, rail and road, intelligently combining them during delivery. Such approach allows you to optimize logistics processes and ensure more efficient and economical delivery of cargo from sender to recipient.

The optimal route and transportation methods are selected depending on the nature of the cargo, delivery time, transportation distance, transshipment requirements and other factors.

Alista Trans offers its clients services for organizing all the stages of delivery, including transportation, customs clearance, storage and delivery of cargo to its destination. This allows you to reduce the time and costs of cargo delivery, as well as increase the flexibility and reliability of the whole logistics process.

Alista Trans and our partners strictly comply with all international safety standards and ensure reliable protection of your cargo at every stage of transportation.

Alista Trans logistics specialists are always in touch and regularly provide feedback and reporting so that you are aware of your cargo status.

We adapt to your needs and offer the best solutions to minimize costs and optimize cargo delivery. Flexibility and an individual approach to the client are the key to successful cooperation.