Customs Clearance

Speed – the average time for customs clearance is up to 1 day.

Solidarity - assistance with responses to customs requests during control and post control.

Legitimacy – we monitor updated legislation every day and check the documents for compliance.

Analysis –we carry out a complex analysis of documents before submitting the cargo declaration to customs.

We provide a full range of professional services for customs clearance of goods. You can avoid many problems at customs, easy pass customs control, and fulfill contractual obligations in full and on time by turning to highly qualified specialists for help.


  • Consulting support;

  • Collection, control and preliminary preparation of documents;

  • Classification of products according to product nomenclature - determination of EAEU HS codes;

  • Calculation of customs duties;

  • Assistance in preparing customs declarations (CD);

  • Participation in additional control measures assigned by customs authorities - searches, inspections, weighing, examination.