Oversized and Project Cargo

Strategic planning – strict planning and coordination to ensure safety and avoid obstacles along the route.

Document control – the important parameter for successful transportation, especially for goods that require special permission to move along the route.

Specialized equipment – the use of specialized trucks, railway vehicles and vessels allows us to ensure the cargo safety during transportation.

Motion tracking – modern technologies allow you to track cargo movements online.

Alista Trans specialists offer you professional services for oversized and project transportation. Our company’s employees have experience and knowledge in the design and implementation of complex tasks for the transportation of non-standard cargo. We offer a comprehensive solution, including transport organization, process management and cargo tracking at all the stages of delivery.

We provide the following services as a part of working with our clients during organization of oversized and project transportation:

  • Development of a transportation strategy and project, including determination of the necessary resources, the optimal route for transportation of oversized, multi-component and project cargo, time frames and budget.

  • Analysis of possible risks and development of strategies to reduce and manage them. We practice organizing of a preliminary route study as one of the ways to minimize the risks of transporting oversized cargo.

  • Organization and coordination of transport, including the route approval with government authorities of the departure, destination and transit countries. Registration of necessary permits and licenses.

  • Loading and unloading operations, including using specialized equipment and machinery.

  • Cargo insurance for possible damage and loss.

  • Management and control over the implementation of transportation in accordance with the plan, including solving emerging problems.

  • Monitoring and reporting on the status of transport, which allows the parties concerned, if necessary, to make decisions based on the real picture of what is happening.

For the successful realization of your project transportation, Alista Trans will assemble a well-coordinated team of professionals for whom your task will be not a new one. We believe that calm and trust of the client are very important parameters for the success of the project as a whole.